What is Localhost? How to install localhost on the fastest computer

Localhost is one of the familiar terms with website design professionals. Used for the purpose of promoting brand products and services. However, for those who are not in the same industry, perhaps do not know what localhost is ? How does localhost work? How to install? If so, please follow the article below to get the answer!

What is Localhost?

Localhost is a term that is specific to the IT industry, which is paired by 2 words ” Local ” (computer) and ” host ” (server). In simpler terms, localhost is a term that describes a gateway that connects directly to the origin server, allowing your personal computer to run on it.

What is Localhost?
What is Localhost?

In essence, localhost is a Webserver including components such as Apache , MySQL , PHP , PHPmyadmin. All are used on the computer’s hard drive as storage space and create a place to install the website. The main purpose of localhost is to serve the research and practice of programming for website designers to use.

Especially, localhost does not use any physical network port to make the connection. Instead, localhost acts as a virtual network running internally over the Loopback network gateway .

So, we already know what localhost is, next will learn more about the difference between and what is localhost ? And the fastest way to install localhost on your computer.

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What is the difference between and localhost?

Most people, if not majoring in IT, will think that localhost and the address are the same. In fact, there are quite similar functions between them, but besides that, there are still differences.

What is the difference between and localhost?

Regarding localhost, as mentioned it is a label for IP address rather than IP address, allowing pointing to multiple IP addresses. Moreover, localhost also allows it to be able to point to any IP address other than the reserved address block mentioned. This is also something that can disrupt important system functionality and cause connection problems on localhost.

About is again a Loopback address block with network class A at the end. It only allows access to addresses running from binary addresses 00000001 to 01111111. In IPv6, the loopback address block has the first address of the form 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 and represented in abbreviated form as :1.

What are localhost types?

As mentioned above, localhost is a webserver that works at no cost on your computer. Localhost contains many different applications that help create an operating environment like hosting. Instead, buy hosting, people can build websites on localhost, but only for testing. Some of the basic applications are as follows:

  • Apache : One of the most commonly used languages ​​today. Moreover, it is not only easy to use but also integrates many outstanding features.
  • PHP : Is a language that most wordpress are using. Has the main feature of handling PHP code.
  • MySQL : A popular data management database, used not only in IT code but also in the fields of information processing or data processing.
  • PHPMyadmin : An application software for website administrators. Helps monitor and manage databases from MySQL.
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What is the function of localhost?

There are many reasons why localhost is extremely useful to computer professionals. As follows:

  • Support for testing software and website applications : Localhost helps programmers to test the websites they have created. This helps to process data quickly without taking as much time as connecting online via hosting.
  • Speed ​​test : Localhost allows you to test the device and TCP / IP is always in a stable state. This will bring your customers complete trust in the product your website or application creates.
  • Block unsafe sites : Users can use the IP address of a domain name to When accessing this domain name, you will be assured that you will not be redirected to unscrupulous and harmful servers. If detected, localhost will return it to you so that it can be prevented in time.

Moreover, localhost is located on your own computer, so it ensures the security of your website without anyone being able to see it.

What is the working principle of localhost?

In principle, the operation of localhost is not too complicated. After you install localhost on your computer, just start Apache and go to or http://localhost.

With that said, localhost is just a form of emulator for research and learning mainly. If you are a business that wants to put your website for business, it is best to buy hosting to ensure cost savings and a more stable website operation.

What is the working principle of localhost?
What is the working principle of localhost?
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How to install localhost on the fastest computer

Here are some notes and instructions for the simplest localhost installation, please refer to it.

Note before installing localhost

The installation of localhost is very simple, but during the installation process there will be some errors that make localhost unable to work. Therefore, everyone needs to master the following notes:

  • Delete all related or similar applications like localhost : Some applications prevent access to ports such as MySQL, PHP, etc. Besides, services like webserver similar to localhost have IIS installed making it difficult to access. access is disabled. Especially the Skype application , must delete urgently or switch to another application.
  • Turn off Firewall (firewall) : Although, firewalls or Antivirus programs are great. But it will block your localhost access.
  • Turn off UAC (User Account Control) on windows : For Windows operating systems, you need to turn off UAC. Because this will make the installation of localhost copyright limited.

Install localhost on XAMPP

XAMPP is one of the webserver creation programs that can be used on Linux, MacOS, and Windows operating systems. The term XAMPP is an abbreviation of 5 integrated software including: Cross – Platform (X), Apache (A), MariaDB (M), PHP (P) and Perl (P). Most designers use this software to install localhost.

To perform the installation of localhost on XAMPP, people need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Download XAMPP software corresponding to your computer’s operating system version (maybe 32 bit or 64 bit).
  • Step 2 : Extract and launch XAMPP software by activating Start in applications on XAMPP such as Apache, MySQL, FileZilla, …

Note : In the control panel, if you understand the green display, the activation is successful. On the contrary, the red text means that the software is having a problem, which needs to be handled before implementation.

  • Step 3 : Open a browser, you can open any browser such as Chrome, Firefox,… with the IP address of http://localhost or to try to connect. If you can access that link and display that page, you have successfully installed localhost.

Install localhost on Wampserver

Similar to XAMPP, Wampserver is also one of the software that helps create localhost on Windows. Wampserver stands for Windows (W), Apache (A), MySQL (M) and PHP (P).

The process of installing localhost on the Wampserver platform is done according to the following steps:

  • Step 1 : First, you must download the Wampserver program from the provider to your personal computer. Based on the version of your computer’s operating system that makes a reasonable choice.
  • Step 2 : Extract and launch the program to install localhost.
  • Step 3: After completing step 2, the program screen of Wampserver is displayed in the bottom right taskbar of the main screen.
  • Step 4 : Enable Mod_rewrite in Apache at drive path: \wamp\bin\apache\conf. Then, find the file named httpd(.conf) and open it in Notepad (right click and select Open). In the Notepad panel, find the line of code “mod_rewrite” to remove the # sign and select Save.
  • Step 5 : Exit the program and return to the main screen in the Taskbar. Right-click and choose to open Restart All Service. Wait for the system to update all changes and install correctly to complete the localhost installation on Wampserver.

Install localhost on AppServ

Another way to install localhost is to use AppServ software . AppServ software makes it easy to quickly set up a database server. For Linux/Unix operating systems, the support is more optimal, but on Windows, it still achieves stable performance.

To install localhost on AppServ, you need to do the following:

  • Step 1 : Download AppServ software to your computer.
  • Step 2 : Open the file and proceed to extract and activate Appserv software.
  • Step 3 : Make configuration settings for the appserv including: Server name (name of the server), Administrator’s Email address (your email address), Apache HTTP Port (default port is 80).
  • Step 4 : Reconfigure MySQL with Username (default is root) and password (chosen by you).
  • Step 5 : Select Install to proceed with the installation and select Finish to finish.
  • Step 6 : Open a browser and access the localhost/phpmyadmin address to check.

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  • Instructions to install WordPress on localhost with only 5 steps
  • Instructions for installing Joomla! on localhost XAMPP

Should localhost be used?

From the above content can everyone know what localhost is? As for deciding whether or not to use localhost, it also depends on the needs and conditions of each person. Localhost uses the computer’s own hard drive as a storage space and installs the website, which is convenient for learning and experimenting without buying a host.

Moreover, switching from localhost to hosting for use is also quite easy and fast. However, to save costs and ensure safety and security, you should find a hosting support unit that will be more secure.

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Some of the reasons why Vietnix’s hosting packages are chosen by many customers are:

  • Provide hosting packages suitable to the needs of users.
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  • Uptime commitment up to 99.99%.
  • Effective anti-DDoS with Vietnix Firewall technology.
  • Fight attacks, scan malware and keep your data safe with Imunify360 and Jetbackup.
  • The cPanel admin interface is friendly and easy to use for all customers.
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  • Having a data center located in Vietnam for extremely fast and stable speed.
  • Free SSL security certificate.
  • 24/7 technical support.

What are the frequently asked questions about Localhost?

How to connect to localhost?

To access the server from localhost you can use http://localhost/ or .
To access the server from a separate computer on the same network, use http://192.168.XX where XX is your server’s local IP address.
You can find the local IP address of the server (assuming it’s Linux) by running hostname -I.

Is Localhost a web host?

Localhost can be seen as a server used on your own computer  .
The term is often used in the context of networks.
Localhost is not only the name of the virtual server, it is also the domain name itself.

Can Localhost work without an Internet connection?

You can absolutely run a local server without the Internet.
Localhost does not require any external network connection.


The above article helps you better understand what localhost is ? As well as the principles of operation and how to install localhost? Believe, with the above information will provide useful information for you. If you have any questions or comments related to what localhost is, please leave a comment below this article! Vietnix sincerely thanks!

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