Programmatically crawl data from website on website automatically

When it comes to Googlebot or Google Spider, we often hear the term crawling and its crawling work. So what is crawl data from website and how does Googlebot crawl data? Let’s learn this through the article below.

crawl data from website
crawl data from website

Overview of crawl data from website

 1. What is Crawl data from website?

Data Crawl, also known as data scraping, is an unfamiliar term in the marketing industry, Seo Services. Because crawling is a technique that robots of popular search engines today use such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu… Crawler’s main job is to collect data from any website, or just and then parse the HTML source code to read the data and extract the data information according to the user’s requirements or the data requested by the Search Engine.

So, the way you need to crawl data from the website of 1 or more other websites is similar to the way that Google usually does. Crawl and then Indexing the scraped data into Google’s data ultimately serving our search

2. Which businesses is Crawler suitable for?

  • E-commerce floor, classifieds website.
  • Daily news.
  • Law of life.
  • Satellite website – PBN.
  • Online sales website, Import foreign goods.

In addition, developing a tool to crawl data from the website also costs a lot, so this also needs your company to have good financial capacity, see more in the cost section.

crawl data from website
crawl data from website

 3. What is the technology used?

SEMTEK Co,. LTD uses today’s latest tools to crawl data from website and extract data accurately and intelligently. Current best crawler programming languages ​​such as:

  • Python
  • PHP
  • Node
  • In-crawl proxies are extremely important to prevent Victim websites from blocking our crawling, but there are other techniques that use AI to analyze high-end websites and have a constantly changing structure like Zalo Shop , Tiki, Sendo, Chotot, Muaban…

What are the benefits of crawling data from websites?

Crawler Data reduces the creative work for your Content staff, human resources are an extremely important problem for a business that is starting an Online business. What do you think when you go to a website that only has a few products, or a news website that has only a few news?

You’ll exit and find a more content-rich site, right? sure because we have nothing to see on an empty website. You do not have enough money to hire a data entry team of several hundred employees? It is too cumbersome and costly and the accompanying legal procedures for personnel are not simple.

But on the contrary, if you invest in an automatic website crawling software, you can reduce the load by almost 90% of the current content staff, keeping only 10% of the staff to edit and write important content for your website. companies and data crawler tool administrators only.

Crawler data will help your website have more content, more news.., and will have more Users.

 1. Reveal the secret:

Companies specializing in selling by Affiliate (Affiliate Marketing), needing a tool to crawl link, crawl data is extremely important, you just need to crawl all the data of products on other websites, then attach Link ? Ref=Code (Refer) to increase your sales rapidly.

 2. Interfere with crawling data from search engine websites

Although Google does not accept additional user intervention in the crawling process, Google Spider’s website crawling is automatic and not subject to the influence of website administrators. However, there are methods to help your website get crawled more often by Google.

venue crawl 2

 3. Create new content on the site on a regular basis

Creating new content on the website on a regular basis will help the website to be crawled by search engines more often. Investors need to post new articles regularly every day and at a certain time frame (the more precise the better) to implicitly create a posting schedule with search engines, so that information can be crawled and indexed properly. faster.

In addition, websites with a large number of visitors along with a large amount of data on the site or pages that have been operating for a long time and have a reputation will have a more dense frequency of crawling data from the website.

 4. Use tools that support indexing and crawling data from the website

Tools like Google Submit Url and Google Fetch of Search Console can help pull spiders to investors’ websites in a short period of time. Not only helps crawl data, these two tools can also help the website to submit a newly created link on the page to the Google search results table as quickly as possible. However, this tool can only pull the bot for a short time, and if the website does not have a certain authority (Domain authority), it will need to repeat this work many times to increase the crawl speed. and index.

In addition, there are some external indexing and crawling tools such as Google Ping that can also support websites to increase crawling speed and page indexing.

Is using crawl data from website penalized by Google?

Whether crawling data is penalized is also a problem encountered by software companies providing this service. As a rule, crawling SEMTEK Co,. LTD will be divided into 2 aspects as follows:

 1. For Google

Copying or crawling will create a copy of that website to your Database if you only crawl 100% of the content, you may violate Google’s content policy and DMCA will sue you, But this is not must be too difficult to solve because SEMTEK Co’s tool. LTD provides enough intelligence to Process data once before crawling to avoid content duplication.

Please note this if you are crawling or manually copying someone’s website or article, stop immediately because you will be blocked by GOOGLE’s algorithm soon. Use a tool that is smart enough to recompile your content like SEMTEK Co,. LTD okay. AI of SEMTEK Co,. LTD will help you handle this quickly and safely.

crawl data from website
crawl data from website

 2. For Vietnamese law

Vietnam has a copyright law published in Decree 22/2018/ND-CP detailing the Law on Intellectual Property, the Law on Amending the Intellectual Property Law on copyright and related rights.

This right protects the personal interests and economic interests of the author in connection with this work. It is also partly said that it is intellectual property and thus puts the protection of physical property and intellectual property together, but the concept is hotly contested.

Copyright does not need to be registered and belongs to the author when a work is retained at least once on a medium. Copyright is generally recognized only when the creation is new, partially attributed to the author, and can be shown to be unique.

Therefore, copying crawl data from the website of a website, or an electronic newspaper is illegal in Vietnam without the permission of the owner.

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